Welcome to Strut


It all started with my first dress. It was a soft pink “church” dress that my Mom gave me for my first communion; I remember receiving it and wearing it non-stop. I loved the fabric, cut, and color, making me fall in love with fashion. Flash forward to me picking through my college closet searching for the perfect outfit for my first TV news, reporter, job interview.  Come to find out that outfit won me my first TV news anchor position. After being in front of the camera and being a wardrobe stylist for a couple of years, I realized I needed to combine my love of fashion and film and start my own business. Thus Strut.Fashion was born, with its very own goal of bringing my passion for style into every video, post, and blog I create. I wanted a company that would sell fashion accessories and items that I believed in, and that I could personally be proud of. This company means the world to me, as it incorporates every one of my loves; fashion, style, and confidence. Strut.Fashion’s goal is to make every woman feel as confident and stylish as I first did when I put on that little pink dress.