Ep. 4 – 60 Seconds to Style – with Elaine Sweeney – Style Tip: You Don’t have a dress body? Reduce all the stress with these LBD alternatives!

Ever since the days of Audrey Hepburn, we all hear about the little black dress, the little black dress. But, what if you don’t like how you look in a dress? Well, today I have a solution.

Ever since the days of Audrey Hepburn, we all hear about the little black dress and how we all need to have the little black dress in your wardrobe. But, for a lot of women they don’t feel that great in a dress, to begin with. So to avoid massive alterations, sometimes we have to go in a different direction. Well, there’s nothing wrong with looking for little black separates. Often that’s the best way to go, if your proportions aren’t perfectly balanced. Sometimes, a dress is a huge undertaking, and it ends up not being that simple. So, in this case, I have a little black pencil skirt on by Hugo Boss and this St. John’s jacket and a little black chiffon St. John’s blouse underneath. My jacket hits just at the waist and so the proportions are perfectly in line.

So when you are looking for that little black dress, if you find that you’re just running into a brick wall, think about the separates and that might be a great solution for you.

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