Ep. 10 – 60 Seconds to Style – with Elaine Sweeney – Style Tip: Fit Matters! Look Amazing with Tips from an Expert!

Bespoke & Co
3305 West Bay to Bay Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33629


Intro: I’m Elaine Sweeney with Strut.Fashion, and I am with David Kahn, the owner of Bespoke and Company and we are here to talk about fit…fit…fit!


Segment: Elaine I truly believe in fit!  When I was growing up I was lucky because….so did my mother….  and we would have an alterations person come to our house to make sure everything looked just so.  I’m with David Kahn with Bespoke and Company,   and not everybody feels that way I think people spend thousands of dollars and don’t quite hit the mark.  David Well fit is first and foremost but a lot of people have a misconception of what fit is.  People don’t see themselves the way other people see them. So by working with a custom tailor that knows what each person really truly needs…then you can get the proper fit.  Elaine: Right and I think people probably end up saving money in the long run..don’t you?  David: There is no doubt more money that is spent and wasted because people go to stores have excessive tailoring done when they can go in the beginning to a custom tailor.  Be sized up properly and measured properly for the right fit. Elaine You are absolutely right.  So to learn about bespoke and company click here.


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