Style Tip – The Five Luxury Gift Items Worth Splurging on

60 Seconds to Style – Episode 12 with Elaine Sweeney

Hi, it’s Elaine with and whether it’s the holidays or another big occasion I’ve made a list of 5 luxury gift items worth splurging on.


Whether it’s the holidays or another big occasion I’ve come up with a list of 5 luxury gift item that are easy to find, in a pinch.


Number one is a brooch.

Brooches aren’t just for Grandma anymore anyone can wear a brooch these days they’re beautiful and they come in all types of variety shapes and colors. The best part about a brooch is that it can transform an outfit magically. See this black jacket went from basic to festive!


1) Landstrom Brooch


2) Coolstyles Circle Pin Brooch


3) Sea Horse Brooch

4) American Flag Brooch


Number two is an umbrella.

My second choice for a luxury gift for splurging on is an umbrella. Even though an umbrella might sound like kind of a boring idea, the truth is, a high-end umbrella can be glamorous and exciting.


Burberry Umbrella Blue Print


2) Black Indestructible Umbrella


3) Black Windproof Travel Umbrella


4) Black Umbrella with Animal Print lining


Number three is a Gucci Designer belt.

My third choice is a designer belt. There are so many gorgeous and amazing options out there, like this Gucci one, which is one of my favorites.


1) Ferragamo Belt with Studs
2) Ferragamo white black reversible

3) Gucci Women’s Horse Bit Belt

4) Gucci Studded WOW Belt ——- (only one in stock but I LOVE this belt)


5) Gucci Neutral unisex belt with big gold GG

Number four is a pair of Sunglasses.

My 4th luxury item choice worth splurging on is a pair of sunglasses from Gucci Chanel to Versace. Who wouldn’t look good in a pair of Tom Ford’s.


1) Tom Ford white gold

2) Tom Ford- Heavier Lucite Darker


3) Tom Ford-metal frame


4) Gucci Sunglasses Black Dark Stripe Aviator


5) Dark Gucci Sunglasses


6) Versaci Sunglasses



7) Ray Ban-sunglasses


8) Kate Spade Multi Color Sunglasses



Number five is a beautiful silk scarf.

My 5th item choice, from silk to cashmere any outfit and you can’t go wrong with this classic Burberry scarf.

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