Style Tip: Why Black Jeans are an Absolutely Staple Piece For You!


Ep. 9 – 60 Seconds to Style – with Elaine Sweeney – Style Tip: Why Black Jeans are an Absolutely Staple Piece For You!

Intro: Hi I’m Elaine with here to talk about staple pieces that are a must in your wardrobe

Segment:  As a stylist I talk a lot about staple pieces that are a must in your wardrobe. And once you get those staple pieces there… you can build on that.  For me black jeans have been an essential piece in my wardrobe.  Of course you want the fit to be perfect so you have to think about that as well. So I have on this great pair of black jeans they are so dark and so high quality…  that when I wear them…, with a pair of heels… sometimes they almost look like a pair of pants… so I can dress them up.  I have this pair right here… it’s…um…a houndstooth print so it’s a black on black tone…and I have loved these jeans.  I wear them all the time.  It’s really fun…sometimes I even wear a pattern with them to mix it up…here you go Jen. Thank you. I have a black corduroy pair that I wear when I go to North Carolina,  and I have these shorter so I can wear them with flats,  perfect for the cooler temperatures..Jen.  These are both the pairs that have been…what do we say…gently worn…um… that I love. You know those jeans you just can’t get rid of?  You keep them in your closet at all times.  These are those for me…there you go.  But then last but not least…I will never forget…when my grandmother threw away my favorite pair of jeans…and they had holes in them.  Right now jeans with tares  are back in…I do have one pair.  I struggle to wear them…but I do know that they are a trend. So if my grandmother were around these would be going in the trashcan…disappearing  So black jeans… you want to have a slew of them..and it is a great staple..

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