Ep. 5 – 60 Seconds to Style – with Elaine Sweeney –

Style Tip: I Promise YOU Can Wear Red!


I’m Elaine Sweeney– and I’m here to tell you and you and you… you can wear red.

Segment: So Red is the color for fall. Pantone comes out with a list of colors and it’s in the top ten.  It’s this grenadine amazing vibrant red. I hear from people all the time…”I want to wear red…I can’t wear red.”  Well guess what? YOu can wear red. If you want to wear the grenadine, don’t wear it near your face if you think it doesn’t look good on you. YOu can have a skirt…a shoe…I always have a red shoe in my wardrobe…a purse, a belt, there’s many different ways.  I’ve got this great red lipstick as well.  But also think about wearing a different red…similar not quite the same with different undertones.  It depends on your skin color.  But I guarantee all of  you …you can wear red..


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